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PRINCE2 provides a set of processes, components and techniques which are fully defined within the framework. Blindly following every process, however, will inevitably lead to frustrations and delays where the method does not seem to fit with the project under consideration.

PRINCE2 itself expects the Practitioner to “tailor” the method to suit the particular project and asks the question “...to what extent should this process be used on this project?”

This document takes a look at each major process in turn, making suggestions for tailoring within each sub-process. The suggestions are grouped under the heading “Smaller Project?” and so it is probably sensible to first define what we mean by “Smaller”.

There are a number of factors which would lead us to conduct a project in a formal, documented and auditable fashion as defined by the method: 

Is the project strategic?
Is the project expensive?
Is the project inherently risky?
Will the project consume large numbers of resources?
Is the project business-critical?
Is the project safety critical? 

Answering yes to any 1 of the above questions would probably be enough to encourage us to use PRINCE2 fairly fully. But there are many projects undertaken which, although important to the organisation, do not necessarily require the rigour of the full method. 
This is what we mean by “Smaller”. 

Remember also that there will be opportunities to amend, replace and possibly merge the officially-defined PRINCE2 management products so that they work for YOUR organisation and YOUR project. And of course you are not restricted to the techniques proposed by PRINCE2 for Planning, Change Control and Quality Control. PRINCE2 makes it possible for you to use your organisationally developed techniques for these and other areas (with the proviso that they cover at least what the method recommends), 

For process tailoring, however, select the process(es) of interest from the menu on the left.