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OVERVIEW: PB must take overall control and make key decisions.

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Authorise Initiation  

The effort required to complete the initiation stage requires PB approval.

Can be informal with no reporting for a very short stage.

Authorise the Project  

Allows PB to check that a reasonable Bus Case exists, the project objectives align with corp./progr. objectives, duration/cost within acceptable limits, risks are acceptable and that controls are in place.

PID may be delivered piecemeal with no formal presentation.

Authorise a Stage or Exception Plan 

Important PB control – PM has to justify progress so far and plan the next Stage before formal approval to continue is granted.

Decisions can be made informally but a record should be kept of the decision.

Give ad hoc direction

To provide direction/advice outside normal end-stage assessments.

PB and PM may agree at the outset how to action Project Issues as soon as they are documented.

Authorise project closure  

To provide a defined end point for the project and to judge its success. Customer and supplier must agree that the required work has been completed.

All reports may not be needed, but PB must still sign-off.