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OVERVIEW: Production of the Stage products to budget, schedule and quality requires careful planning and control by the PM.

Process                                Overview                                Smaller project?                

Authorise Work Packages

PM must control the sequence of activities of a Stage and when they begin.

Same process if work allocated to an individual rather than a team. Process should not be needed if PM also performing the work.

Review Work Package status  

To control Stage and make decisions on any adjustments, info is needed on actuals vs planned.

Checkpoint Report may be verbal.

Capture and examine issues and risks  

To ensure that issues do not cause project failure. Decisions need to be made as issues arise.

Still required.

Review the stage status  

Enables proactive rather than reactive project management.

Still required.

Report Highlights 

To enable PB to exercise proper control at frequency defined by PB.

PB may agree to verbal report.

Take corrective action

To avoid loss of control

Still important to log why plans were changed

Escalate issues and risks  

Part of PB staying in control/management by exception.

As for Reporting Highlights – both could be informal and brief.

Receive completed Work Packages  

To confirm acceptance of products as issued via WPs.

Still required