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OVERVIEW: Get stakeholder agreement before any major expenditure.

Process                           Overview                            Smaller project?                     
Prepare the Risk Management Strategy

Prepare the Quality Management Strategy

Prepare the Configuration  Management Strategy

Prepare the Communication Management Strategy  
Project must define approaches to be used in these 4 areas

Less rigorous risk management?

Quality checking left to the developer?? Customer must still specify eg testing environment and test conditions.

Simple CM approach?

Common approach for all stakeholders?

Create the Project Plan  

PB needs detail on cost and time – these feed into the Bus Case. Stage costs/time needed before committing resources.

Project Plan may encompass Stage Plans (ie not separate)

Set up the Project Controls  

To keep project under control – ensures that right decisions are made by the right people at the right time based on the delivery of the right information (frequency and timing).

Maybe verbal reports to PB but always have formal initiation and close.

Refine the Business Case 

Ensures sufficient justification for the resource expenditure and that risks are acceptable or manageable.

Justification still needed – alternative is budget consumption by many small projects – an important project may now not have the budget to proceed.

Assemble the Project Initiation Documention  

PB approve project on the basis of the PID – contains record of the info on which the decision to proceed was based and can be used to judge success/failure later.

Use APP1 Prod Desc. as defined.