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OVERVIEW: To establish : What is to be done, Who makes decisions, Who is funding, Who defines requirements, What quality, Who provides resources

Process                                  Overview                Smaller project?                      
Appoint the Executive and the Project ManagerExec/PM needed for key decisions/day-to-day planning and controlSponsor becomes Exec by default – appoints PM

Design and appoint the project management team

Team must reflect interests of Corp/Progr Mgt, Users of final product, Suppliers. Decision on need for Proj Ass(PB) and Proj Support(PM).

PB members carry out own Assurance. Executive and Senior User roles combined. Internal projects – all 3 roles can be combined.
Select the project approach and assemble the Project Brief To ensure sufficient info is available for PB to decide to continue into Initiation. No real difference – resist pressure to skip. Need scope and value for later judgements.

Prepare the outline Business Case

Scope and justification for the project. Reasons.


Equally valid for small projects.
Plan the Initiation Stage   PID production is important work, needs planning and since Initiation will consume resources, needs PB approval.

Initiation may only take a few hours and so may not need a formal plan.