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OVERVIEW: Stage at a time progress is a major control of the PB. Also for creating new plans to react to deviations beyond tolerance. Provides info to PB about overall status of the project plan, and the status of the Bus. Case and risks. Enables appropriate PB decisions re continuing.

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Plan the next stage  

To provide manageable and controllable activities.

Still required.

Update the Project Plan 

To allow PB to assess continuing viability.

May be no separate Stage Plans if all detail is in the Project Plan.

Update the Business Case  

Revised Bus Case is a major part of the check on continued viability.

Still required.

Report stage end 

Provides the trigger for the viability assessment.

May be verbal with PB approval.

Produce an Exception Plan  

To enable the PB to exercise control for a Stage via a new plan to reflect recommended changes. The “new” stage can then be controlled within revised tolerance margins.

PB approval still required for changes to the plan – applies also to team Plan deviations beyond tolerance.