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Many years of implementing, tailoring and working with PRINCE2 within all sizes of projects brings a maturity of approach to the PRINCE2 Practitioner. Above all, one gradually realises that when good project management practice is allied with common sense, the outcome is something very like PRINCE2!

Delegates approaching the Practitioner exam for the first time will usually not have this depth of experience and may still be struggling to "see the big picture".

  • Why do we do this?
  • Why here?
  • What is the link between this and that ?
  • Why do I need all these Management Products?
  • etc

Many other questions and uncertainties will probably also exist, so where can you go to get an alternative view (and possibly gain that crucial insight)?

Right here!

Over the next few months, we will be presenting a series of individual Master Classes which will examine key areas of a PRINCE2 project. Along the way we will seek to give you that additional thinking that allows PRINCE2 to be seen as a holistic framework for Best Practice project management.

View the Master Classes of your choice by selecting from the menu on the left.

If you have any comments about individual topics or suggestions for new ones, we will be delighted to receive them at enquiries@ameth-is.com

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