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If you are aiming to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (preceded by the Foundation exam) then it's likely that you haven't sat an exam for some time. This can lead to extra worry as you get to grips with the PRINCE2 material, but help is at hand!

The following information is designed to help you in your preparation and execution of the main Practitioner exam, so read it carefully and try to apply the content during your exam. Select the areas of interest from the menu on the left.


The objectives of the examination are to enable a candidate to demonstrate an understanding of PRINCE2 and an ability to apply the methodology in an appropriate way in a given set of circumstances described in a scenario. The Practitioner exam uses objective test questions which require a candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices for which the correct answer is pre-determined.

The remaining menu selections on the left explain the format of the question papers, and the different types of question asked. There are also some suggestions on how to approach answering the various types of question.