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The Practitioner Syllabus is divided into 11 syllabus areas with a more detailed breakdown of learning objectives defined for each syllabus area. 

Structure of the Paper

The examination paper consists of three booklets.

The Scenario Booklet will contain one scenario providing a description of the organisation, the business rationale for the project and the project objectives. The Scenario Booklet may also provide additional information for one or more of the nine questions. Where this additional information is required it will be clearly referenced within the relevant question and should only be used for that question.

The combination of the scenario, each question and any additional information referenced in the Scenario Booklet will always ‘position’ both the candidate (to consider a particular PRINCE2 role) and the project (in terms of the timescale, e.g. in the middle of a stage or at the end of a project). The role to be considered will be at a level suitable for a candidate who has recently attended the PRINCE2 Practitioner course.

The Question Booklet will contain nine questions, each covering a different syllabus area which will be clearly identified within the question. Each of the nine questions is worth 12 marks. This gives a total of 108 marks. The pass mark is 62 (55%). Each of the nine questions will be sub-divided into parts. Each of the ‘part-questions’ will identify the portion of the 12 marks allocated to it. All questions and part-questions are expected to be answered.

The Answer Booklet will contain the answer sheets on which your answers must be given. There will only ever be one answer to each question unless it is otherwise clearly stated within the question. There may be questions where the candidate is required to select one answer, but feels that more than one answer is correct. Because of the flexible nature of PRINCE2 this is inevitable on some topics. The exam does recognise this and for this reason some questions say 'Which of the following is MOST LIKELY.....' and partial marks are awarded for the less suitable but still correct choice. Only one answer is still required for these questions. If more than one answer is given in the answer booklet the response line will be void. 

The exam will last 2.5 hours - there is NO additional reading time.