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Be prepared !

The Practitioner exam MUST be completed in PENCIL.

The Practitioner exam is a 2.5-hour OPEN BOOK exam (using the Official PRINCE2 Manual only). Tag important diagrams/lists/tables in your Manual so that you can quickly find them. You will NOT have much time to search through the Manual during the exam, so preparation is essential.

Exam technique plays a part in success - you will find the following useful:

  • The Practitioner exam consists of 9 questions of 12 marks each.
  • The number of marks for each (sub) question will be shown.
  • Allocate about 15 mins to each whole question.
  • MOVE ON when you have used this time - be ruthless!

When you have finished all 9 questions (taking about 15 minutes for each) you will have approximately 15 mins to revisit questions you were unsure of and to generally check your answers.

The final two points ensure that you do not jeopardize the marks available in subsequent questions by scraping around for small numbers of marks in the question you are currently answering. The 80/20 rule applies - after 15 mins you will have already achieved 80% of your potential score in the current question, so go for the next 80, not the possible 20.